Vision pautada en lo imposible

Visión pautada en lo imposible

Nowhereman Press, 2012
Photography by Ximena Pérez Grobet
Texts by  Susana González Aktories 
Digital printing
3 copies signed and numbered

This book reflects on a particular idea, which is the horizon one sees in the landscape but does not exist as such. It comprises a set of photographic images, focusing on this image of the horizon from a formal, almost geometric perspective. All the images are aligned with the latter, changing their position according to the height at which each horizon is located, forming a reading of overlapping pages suggest new landscapes. These images are accompanied by a series of written sentences based on them, creating an awareness of what each of them suggests.  Each page opens first to the left and then to the right, producing a straight line that does not vary in height, where the horizons of each image with its corresponding phrase meet and exchange in dialogue.