Finnegans Wakeis a novel by James Joyce, written in 1939. It is considered one of the most complex books in English literature, as well as being unique in its experimental writing style. The purpose of the work is to visually display this complexity. Using a classic 1965 edition by Faber and Faber, the book was bound, woven and rebound, respecting the original order of the pages and preserving the same cover. The new edition consists of 4 volumes covering the four parts and 450 pages of the original edition.

Finnegans Wake, 2013
5,5 x 8,6 x 1,3”

James Joyce. Faber & Faber, 1965
-Concept and weaving: Ximena Pérez Grobet
-Unbinding and rebinding: Poncho Martínez
-Assistant: Teresa del Junco