This was made for the exhibition "Closure" of Weloveyourbooks, curated by Emma Powell and Melanie Smith at the University of Northampton in England. This book - object was designed using only material from the world of packaging. Among other items, plastic bubble wrap bags were used, together with photocopies, duct tape with the caption “fragile,” thread, shipping envelopes that could be associated with the concept of “closure” comprised by this book. The word “closure” as a conceptual focus for this project involving human rights, led to the idea of sing the aforementioned materials, with the aim of “closing” or “enclosing” -as a way of denying access- the United Nations Human Rights Treaty within each bag. The aim was also to express how the desire to respect these fundamental human rights is filed somewhere, just as these bags contain pages that comprise pieces of photocopied paper with six of the 30 points of the manifesto on each page. Each one has a number on the outside, indicating the number of points stored inside. The idea is that these are written and filed rather than actually being undertaken and respected.

Human Rights, 2009
10,8 x 6,4”

Digital printing
Only copy