Letters are woven on a page, using strips of blue and gray paper. Subsequently, the pages were sewn together and pressed and hand-bound in a transparent acrylic case. The concept of this project was inspired by the “blue light" of the sea, in other words, the textures, reflections and chromatic hues that it projects. The reading back and forth is also intended to evoke the ebb and flow of waves. The intention is to literally create a "texture", in other words, to create a “fabric” with the paper, created by the interplay between the letters and their background, in response to the essence of visual perception as it translates into a web of light and color. This book was written when the virtual exhibition “Blue and its interpretations” was announced and was subsequently exhibited at the Concha Pedrosa Gallery and School of Fine Arts in Seville (2009) curated by Jim Lorraine, and at the exhibition of Threads of Textural Meaning, at the Center for Book Arts, New York, curated by Alexander Campos in 2009.

Azul, 2009
6,4 x 6,4”

Knitted paper
Only copy