This book was developed during an artist’s residency at Château Boisbuchet in France in 2008 at the “Air Made Visible” workshop, inspired by the title of a book by Bruno Munari, run by Japanese industrial designer Tomoko Azumi. Each book contains 4 rolls of Japanese paper, wrapped in bamboo tubes, inside a cardboard box.The purpose of this project was to let the air write its history. To this end, an artifact was designed in which a line of 10 markers and 10 brushes was hung from strings attached to a tree above a rope bed tied to the trees, with a movable wooden base to which the paper was attached.Once the paper had been placed under the brushes and markers, the height of which had previously been adjusted, a certain amount of time was left to allow the air to paint and write on the paper, having the two textures at the same time. Two rolls of paper were painted by the brushes and two by markers.

Air Made Visible, 2008
4 rols of 11,8 x 47,2”  paper

Brush and pen painted paper by air with device
Box folded and painted by the same system
3 copies signed and numbered by the artist